Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

Poor Cinderelly.
Please don't cry.

Cinderelly not happy,
mice-mice not happy.

Jaq, what am I going to do?
I'm a complete failure
as a princess.

Why can't I learn to do this right?
Ah, look at me.
Cinderelly not look like Cinderelly.
It's true.
Something's just not right here.

Like, uh, stewed prunes?
Exactly, Gus. And why do they
have to keep the palace so dark?

And that awful dance.
- And those boring colours
that all look the same.
- And stewed prunes!

Especially those rules about
keeping commoners out of the palace!

Why, I was a dish maid when
the prince married me.

And he loves me because I'm me.
I've been trying to obey someone
else's rules about who I should be...

and how I should dress.
This hair!
I know I can do this. I just have
to stop trying to be someone else.

What's she gonna do, Jaq-Jaq?
Gus, I'm going to plan
this banquet my way.

Who's to say the rules
must stay the same forevermore

Open the gates!
Whoever made them had to change
the rules that came before

So make your own way
Show the beauty within

When you follow your heart
there's no heart you can't win

Oh! Why, thank you!
Your Highness,
the king would not approve.

You're supposed to be inviting dukes
and counts and other aristocrats.

- I am inviting them, along with
all my friends here in the village.
- Thank you.

Your Highness,
I strongly advise against it.

It's simply not the way
things are done.

Perhaps the time has come
to try something new.

So reach for the sky
It's not high as it seems

Just follow your heart
Go as far as your dreams

This party needs help,
starting with dessert.

No prunes. Yuck!
Jaq-Jaq love chocolate.
Chocolate pudding!
Now that sounds good.

We never get to dance like this.
Dance if you want to
Don't fear you'll fall

Take a chance, 'cause it's better
than never to chance it at all

It simply isn't done.
It simply isn't done!