Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

When you follow your heart
there's no heart you can't win

Oh! Why, thank you!
Your Highness,
the king would not approve.

You're supposed to be inviting dukes
and counts and other aristocrats.

- I am inviting them, along with
all my friends here in the village.
- Thank you.

Your Highness,
I strongly advise against it.

It's simply not the way
things are done.

Perhaps the time has come
to try something new.

So reach for the sky
It's not high as it seems

Just follow your heart
Go as far as your dreams

This party needs help,
starting with dessert.

No prunes. Yuck!
Jaq-Jaq love chocolate.
Chocolate pudding!
Now that sounds good.

We never get to dance like this.
Dance if you want to
Don't fear you'll fall

Take a chance, 'cause it's better
than never to chance it at all

It simply isn't done.
It simply isn't done!

" It simply isn't done! "
It simply isn't done
It simply isn't done
It simply isn't done

There's a world for the changing
and you've just begun

Don't let them tell you
it's simply not done

When you follow your heart
you'll shine bright as the sun

- Your Highness, sand or buff?
- Which colour do you like?

Hmm. Pink!
Hmm. Something's still missing.
Now, that's more like it.
- What will the king say?
- I know this is a big change.

But I have to try this my way.
Well, then, I certainly hope
you know what you're doing.

They're here, Cinderelly!
They're here!

Well, it's too late
to turn back now.

Now, this dance is more like it.