Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

" It simply isn't done! "
It simply isn't done
It simply isn't done
It simply isn't done

There's a world for the changing
and you've just begun

Don't let them tell you
it's simply not done

When you follow your heart
you'll shine bright as the sun

- Your Highness, sand or buff?
- Which colour do you like?

Hmm. Pink!
Hmm. Something's still missing.
Now, that's more like it.
- What will the king say?
- I know this is a big change.

But I have to try this my way.
Well, then, I certainly hope
you know what you're doing.

They're here, Cinderelly!
They're here!

Well, it's too late
to turn back now.

Now, this dance is more like it.
Oh, this dance is horrifying!
The king has arrived.
What in blazes is going on here?
Your Majesty!
- Who opened those curtains?
- This is all
Princess Cinderella's doing!

Oh, what a lovely moon.
- I tried to teach her, Sire.
- Commoners in the palace?

She simply refused to listen.
- Oh, hello, Giuseppe!
- It's a scandal!

Your Majesty, I can explain.
What is this?
Your dessert, Sire.
No prunes for dessert?
An absolute outrage!
Mmm, chocolate.
My favourite!

What happened to the music?
Everybody dance!