Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

Oh, this dance is horrifying!
The king has arrived.
What in blazes is going on here?
Your Majesty!
- Who opened those curtains?
- This is all
Princess Cinderella's doing!

Oh, what a lovely moon.
- I tried to teach her, Sire.
- Commoners in the palace?

She simply refused to listen.
- Oh, hello, Giuseppe!
- It's a scandal!

Your Majesty, I can explain.
What is this?
Your dessert, Sire.
No prunes for dessert?
An absolute outrage!
Mmm, chocolate.
My favourite!

What happened to the music?
Everybody dance!

I always said we needed
some new traditions around here.

Go on, now, Prudence.
You're missing all the fun.

- Did I miss something?
- Surprise!

Splendid job. Splendid!
It is the princess
who deserves your praise, Sire.

And I am honoured to be
at Her Highness's service.

I think we're going
to be great friends.

I told my son
he had chosen well.

You're a natural.
Hooray! Hooray!
Another dance!
I'm glad you do things
your own way.

Someday I'll get
this princess thing right.

I think that day is today.
Well, Cinderella certainly turned
things around, didn't she?

Yeah, no more big hair.
Or prunes.