Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

Now I'm too small to do this,
too small to do that,
too small to help Cinderelly.

No good to anybody!
Castle not like old house. Castle for
big people. No place for mice. No place!

Everything's bigger than me.
Even flowers bigger!

Don't like being small.
Don't like being a mouse.

I wish I was big!
There, there, dear.
Tell me all--
Jaq? Uh, Jaq?
Oh, there you are, dear.
I heard your wish, Jaq.
Aren't you happy the way you are?

Only big people help Cinderelly.
I want to be big!

No, I want to be human.
Human? Oh, good heavens!
But, Jaq, you've always helped
Cinderella just the way you are.

Cinderelly's a princess now. No time
for mice. Nobody likes mice anyway.

So that's what you think.
I get beat up by cat and--
and horse and-- and big, scary lady!

Humans are bigger.
Bigger better.

If you really feel that way...
perhaps it would be
for the best to grant your wish.

Bibbidi bobbidi boo!
The sun's up shining
Silver lining

It's gonna be a beautiful day
Jaq. The human Jaq.
How do you do?

- Church bells ringing
Birds all singing
- I-- I--

Everything's going my way
Zug-zug. I really am human.
Climb the trees
Smell the breeze

Laugh with all your might
Blue skies showing
Everything's going right

You'll never stop the raining
by sitting and complaining

It all comes down to you
You'll smile again
It happens when

You change your point of view
- I love the view from up here!
- When you're small, one inch tall

And then you're six foot two
You've hit the big time now
and the world is looking up to you

There she is.
What am I going to say?

Princess Cinderelly,
it's me. Jaq!

Look, I'm human now.
I'm human now too!

When you're small
One inch tall

And then you're six foot two
- You've hit the big time now
- Princess Cinderelly!

- The world is looking up to you
- It's me!

Yeah, you
- My dear sir.
- Oh, you poor man!

- Sir, um--
- I'm hu--
- Oh, Sir Hugh, is it?

- Well, then. Pleased to know you.
- I, uh, " knows " to please you too!