Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

- Are you all right, Sir Hugh?
- Yes, yes, I--
- Hugh, eh?

- Would that be Belgian?
- What? Eh, no, no.

No, no, no, of course not.
No accent.

I'm so sorry about the mess.
Here, let me help you.

No, no, that's why I'm here.
To-- To help you. I'm--

Aha! The committee sent you!
Oh. You're here to help
with the Spring Festival?

- You're Dutch!
- No. I mean yes. Uh, but I'm--

Late! Your Highness, it is late.
We're expected back at the palace.

- Shall we ride back together?
- Ride? On horses?

- Nice horsie!
- Sir Hugh?

Have you ridden before?
Sir Hugh? Sir Hugh?
Oh, there you are.

Oh. Peach blossoms.
Aren't you sweet?
They're beautiful. Thank you.

Ah, Highness, there you are.
The tailor is in an absolute dither.
The cook is having a crisis.

The animal trainer is flummoxed!
And they're all asking for you.

Could you please find a vase for these?
I'll be right back.

Thank you, Sir Hugh.
You're a big help.

Helping Cinderelly with flowers.

Pom Pom!
I shouldn't be afraid of cat!
I am human now.
Bigger than cat.

But I am still afraid of cat!
Oh, good.
You found a vase.

Happy to help.
Uh, what I want to s--

Your Highness, the Countess LeGrand
is awaiting you in the dining hall.

Think you could keep
her company till I get there?

A mouse!
What am I doing?
I'm a man now.

- A big, fat mouse!
- Oh, no. Gus-Gus!

Get away!
My hero.
Oh, you saved me.

Well, I think we just found the couple
to lead the first dance.

We better go get ready.
I'll send a valet for you, Sir Hugh.

See you at the festival.
Hey, Mary, where's Jaq-Jaq?
I don't know, Gus.
I'm worried about him.

Here I am.