Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

It's me.
Jaq, is everything all right, dear?
Uh, oh, yes. Great.
No problem.

Well, I think you gave your friends
a bit of a fright.

They ran away from me.
Even Mary.

Oh, now surely you don't miss
being a mouse.

No, I guess not.
Aren't you happy being human?
Yeah. Sure not as easy
as I thought.

But I know I'll get it.
Her Highness Cinderella
is asking for you.

The evening's festivities
are upon us.

- Zug-zug!
- Jaq?

Zug-zug, eh? I don't believe
I'm familiar with that expression.

Um, it-it means--
It's French.

Aha! French is it?
Well, that explains everything.

Ladies and gentlemen,
let the Spring Festival begin.