Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

Oh, an elephant!
Come on! I just love elephants!

- Your Majesty, uh--
- Let's go!

Around the world!
Up and down. Up and down.
Around like a Ferris wheel.

Uh, are you sure
Jaq-Jaq's here, Mary?

He must be, Gus.
Let's find him.

Sir Hugh, are you
enjoying yourself?

Well, um, there's something--
You're not whispering
about me, are you?

I believe I promised
you two the first dance.

What a lovely dancer.
Oh, my!

Oh! Sir Hugh!
Is that your kitty?
Oh! Isn't she precious?
Ready for the next dance?
Nice kitty.
Oh, I hate elephants!
This is all my fault!
I wish Fairy Godmother was here.

Jaq, this is your chance to help.
What can I do?
Hmm, an elephant.
What do you think could stop him?

- Stop in the name of the king!
- Don't know.

Perhaps a mouse?
Aren't all elephants
afraid of mice?

Are you a man or a mouse?
I'm a mouse!
Oh, dear, now!
How does it go again?
Oh, yes!
Bibbidi bobbidi boo!

Oh! I can see my castle!