You don't like football.
But you're supposed to go,
and it's supposed to be fun.

And like all the parties
at Hemmings Field and stuff...

I never went to any of'em.
I never stayed out late.
I never just hung out.

'Cause you had
a head on your shoulders.

You stayed home, and you studied.
There's just a lot of things
that I wanted to do that I didn't.

And I was up there getting
my diploma, and I was like...

"Is this it?'
Come on now. Didn't we both
work hard for this?.

You're right.
I guess it's just the pressure
of graduation. You're right.

Girls, hi!
Mimi, not now. Okay?.
- Are you comin' or not?.
- Coming where?.

It's graduation night!
Oh, God, Hemmings Field.
I totally forgot.

So, are you comin' or not?.
I have plans.
I'm sorry.

Come on. You okay?.
Do you want something?.
Yeah. Are you coming
at midnight or what?.

Excuse me?.
Kit, we made a pact, remember?.
Oh, you're not serious!
Well, look, you can
really go without me.

I have better things to do
than dig up some old box.