And I cannot tell you how
happy that makes us.

No way, I'm not going back to that house.
You're in a unique position here, Morgan.
DigiCorp thinks that you're
brainwashed as Jack Thursby,

they think that you've passed our neurograph,
and they want us to hire you as one of our agents.
I don't care what they want!
Your counter intelligence work
for Sunways will be very simple.

DigiCorp will never suspect
that you're working for us,

so they won't watch you too closely while you're in the house.
All you'll have to do is place one bug in each room.
You don't fucking understand.
I'm going home. I'm going to my real home.
You real home is gone, Morgan.
Your wife has put your house for sale.

Her lawyer has been trying to
contact you for the last few days.

She filed for divorce, three days ago.
I'm sorry, Morgan.

- I know this is hard for you...
- I want to see Rita. Rita Foster.

- She pulled me out of the brainwasher.
- No Morgan, you cannot see her.

- Why not? She works for you.
- She does not work for us.

- But you sent her to find me at the hotels, right?
- No.

But you know who she works for?
Who does she work for?
- She works for Sebastian Rooks.
- Who is Sebastian Rooks?

Sebastian Rooks is a freelance operative,
who we hired to find out,

how DigiCorp was getting their agents
passed our neurograph.

Then we asked him to send us an agent.
who wasn't brainwashed. He delivered you.
He is the best in the business,
but he is also very dangerous and very ruthless.
I advise you to stay away from him.
Stay away from him... and her.