- I know this is hard for you...
- I want to see Rita. Rita Foster.

- She pulled me out of the brainwasher.
- No Morgan, you cannot see her.

- Why not? She works for you.
- She does not work for us.

- But you sent her to find me at the hotels, right?
- No.

But you know who she works for?
Who does she work for?
- She works for Sebastian Rooks.
- Who is Sebastian Rooks?

Sebastian Rooks is a freelance operative,
who we hired to find out,

how DigiCorp was getting their agents
passed our neurograph.

Then we asked him to send us an agent.
who wasn't brainwashed. He delivered you.
He is the best in the business,
but he is also very dangerous and very ruthless.
I advise you to stay away from him.
Stay away from him... and her.
We're offering you a very good deal here.
When your work for us is finished,
we will give you a new identity.

And a new home, somewhere very far away,
and safe from DigiCorp.

I'm sorry, Mr. Calloway, you'll have
to find someone else for your job.

You won't last long out there.
Anywhere you go outside this complex,
DigiCorp will have agents watching you.
If you try to run...
If you behave like Morgan Sullivan
instead of Jack Thursby,

they will eliminate you.
Quick, efficient and ruthless.