Here they are. In the dining room.
The saltshaker gives us a nice angle, isn't it?
He believes he is Jack Thursby.
And he believes I'm his wife.

He has adjusted to this house...
- Who is she talking to?
- DigiCorp agents.

She is giving them a report on you.
He spends much of his time indoor.
Of course he has no friends and
he has little contacts with the outside world.

The Internet line is up to.
Excellent work, Morgan.

My God...
My life is the same as it ever was.
That's because DigiCorp monitored your old life,
and then duplicated it.

Helps easing the transition
when becoming another person.

That's not who I am anymore.
I smoke cigarettes. I like to drink scotch.
I play golf.

I'm not supposed to live in the suburbs.
I'm not supposed to be like that.
I'm sorry if you're disappointed, Morgan.
That is your vision of Jack Thursby.
It is not DigiCorps.
You guys can clean up the camera
reception in that hallway?