I smoke cigarettes. I like to drink scotch.
I play golf.

I'm not supposed to live in the suburbs.
I'm not supposed to be like that.
I'm sorry if you're disappointed, Morgan.
That is your vision of Jack Thursby.
It is not DigiCorps.
You guys can clean up the camera
reception in that hallway?

Yes, Jamison?
This isn't Jamison.
It is Morgan Sullivan.

- What do you want, Mr. Sullivan?
- I need your help.

I want to hire Sebastian Rooks.
- Still there?
- Goodbye, Mr. Sullivan.

- I'll pay for his services.
- He doesn't work for individuals.

Tell him to make an exception.
I'll do whatever it takes.

You're on your own. I'm sorry.
No... No!
- Listen, you got to help me.
- There is nothing I can...

You got to help me, please.
You said I could trust you.

I believed you when you said that.