But make no mistake Mr. Sullivan.
Sunways is just as ruthless as DigiCorp.

Once this operation is complete,
they will eliminate you.

Rooks will protect you.
Please, you can trust me.
We're sending you to Kansas. Wichita.
It's almost over, Morgan.
After this trip to the Vault,
your work for us will be finished.

- The Vault?
- It's our data warehouse.

It's completely insulated from the outside world,
but we send in agents carrier,
if we need to retrieve or add a file.
You will be our next carrier.

And DigiCorp will think
they have hit the mother load.

We need to keep our voices down.
Switch this disk with the one in your briefcase,
before you go to the Vault.
Take of your ring.

- What?
- Your ring.

This is a tracking device.
It'll give us your precise location at all times.