Dans ma peau

Any Iuck?
I Iooked everywhere.
Forget about it.
I'm off home.

Henri shouId caII the poIice.
No one reported an accident.

-So, where the heII were you?
-WaIking in the yard .

I'm not tired .
How about a finaI drink?

-A quick one then .

WeII , weII !
The joint and Iigaments
escaped by an inch .

Had your tetanus shots?
-I think so.
-We'II give you a booster.

How did you do it?
I feII on some metaI on a buiIding site.
A tooI , I think.

You and buiIding sites don't mix!
This happened some hours ago.
Why didn't you come sooner?

I didn't know I was hurt.
I onIy noticed Iater.
Then I went to a bar.
I didn't think it was. . . .
Didn't notice? Didn't it hurt?
It does now, and in the bar,
but not then .

And it was too dark to see.
That's not normaI .
Shock has strange effects, but stiII .
You shouId have feIt it.
I feeI my Ieg normaIIy now.
I guess I wasn't thinking .

Scatterbrain !
Are you sure it's your Ieg?
Just a joke. I'm tired .
Can you feeI my hand?