El Otro lado de la cama

I'm all you ever talk about.
You take me to England,
I take you to Gibraltar.
You wear the pants,
I don't wear a nightdress.
Oh, what a honeymoon...
Hotels and long swims
at sunset.
Wait till you hear the wonderful
songs they'll sing to us
at dawn.
Are you sure?
Maybe it's your period,
for example.
Right, my period's coming
and I've got sinusitis.

But that's irrelevant.
-Of course it's relevant.
-No, it's not.

I'm in love, Pedro.
I'm positive.
Don't be so sure.
It's just sexual attraction.
It happens to me

sometimes, very rarely,
almost never.
I just don't think
it's reason enough

to dump me. It's just a phase.
I'm sorry.
We can still be friends.