El Otro lado de la cama

I've been very busy lately.
-Well, because... I've got

-a surprise for you.
-For me?

What surprise?
We're going away
just you and me

for a whole weekend
in an incredible

house in the mountains.
Careful with that little smile.
-What's wrong with it?
-It's turning me on.

Well, what's turning me off,
driving me completely insane,
are these pretty little panties.
Then why take them off?
To check the size.
I want to buy myself a pair.

Yeah? Know what I want to buy?
Some underwear like yours.
They remind me of my grandfather.

No shit.
You and grandpa, eh?
You little tramp.
I have something to say.
Was that clear?
-I'll say it again.

-What about now?

-Now let's put some life into it.
-Oh, yeah.

-Would you like that?

How's Pedro? Is he any better?
Not at all.
He realized it can't be Daniel
and spent all day listing every
-single guy Paula knows.
-Why not Daniel?

Because he's gay.
Why are you in bed already?
I'm exhausted. What a day...
Too bad.
I thought you might be
in the mood.