El Otro lado de la cama

Don't get all sad on me.
That's forbidden.
Let me see that smile.
You remember?
A little stretch here,
another over there,

and just pull the string
right here...

Nice, isn't it?
When will you tell Sonia?
You promised to tell her first.

Right, that was the idea.
I'll just have to wait
a bit longer.

Because if I tell her now,
they'll know.

Javier, that's the point.
They have to know.

Oh, right.
Of course they do!

Watch it.
I still haven't exactly told her,
but I've sent her signals.
-To prepare her.

I've been very busy lately.
-Well, because... I've got

-a surprise for you.
-For me?

What surprise?
We're going away
just you and me

for a whole weekend
in an incredible

house in the mountains.
Careful with that little smile.
-What's wrong with it?
-It's turning me on.

Well, what's turning me off,
driving me completely insane,
are these pretty little panties.
Then why take them off?
To check the size.
I want to buy myself a pair.

Yeah? Know what I want to buy?
Some underwear like yours.
They remind me of my grandfather.

No shit.
You and grandpa, eh?