El Otro lado de la cama

-Looks expensive, doesn't it?
-We'll go Dutch.


-No, Paula.
-Why should you pay?

No, it doesn't feel right.
How much?

1 4,500.
Wait, wait, let's do this.
I'll pay 8,500...
-You pay 6,000.

-We're 500 short.

-I'll pay you back later.

One thing's for sure.
You jumped the gun
telling him so soon.

I jumped the gun?
I thought you would wait longer.
But don't worry about Pedro.
He'll be fine in a couple days.

I don't want him to suffer.
Don't get all sad on me.
That's forbidden.
Let me see that smile.
You remember?
A little stretch here,
another over there,

and just pull the string
right here...

Nice, isn't it?
When will you tell Sonia?
You promised to tell her first.

Right, that was the idea.
I'll just have to wait
a bit longer.

Because if I tell her now,
they'll know.

Javier, that's the point.
They have to know.

Oh, right.
Of course they do!

Watch it.
I still haven't exactly told her,
but I've sent her signals.
-To prepare her.