El Otro lado de la cama

The relationship failed,
that's all.

Just like giving
money to the theater group.
Another failure.

Paula's only had two boyfriends.
One's in Mexico,

so it must be the other one.
Daniel. You're right,

-they still see each other.
-Who cares

who Paula's with?
That's what I'm saying,
it doesn't matter. Definitely

that Daniel guy. Who cares?
Sorry, Pedro,
but I have to go to work.

Come on, cheer up.
Take the sweater and give me a kiss.

I'll call you later.
It's nothing, you'll see.
Of course it's nothing.
Daniel's gay.
He moved in with a guy
after he and Paula broke up.

-Looks expensive, doesn't it?
-We'll go Dutch.


-No, Paula.
-Why should you pay?

No, it doesn't feel right.
How much?

1 4,500.
Wait, wait, let's do this.
I'll pay 8,500...
-You pay 6,000.

-We're 500 short.

-I'll pay you back later.

One thing's for sure.
You jumped the gun
telling him so soon.

I jumped the gun?
I thought you would wait longer.
But don't worry about Pedro.
He'll be fine in a couple days.

I don't want him to suffer.