El Otro lado de la cama

Of course,
that's a symptom of recovery.

Otherwise you'd be lying around
depressed all day. Not you.

Your mind is staying active.
That's why you couldn't sleep.
I couldn't sleep because
when I closed my eyes

I saw her fucking another guy.
Even worse,
the bitch's face lit up

like I've never seen.
Did you imagine her with...
What's his name?

-No, Daniel.

-Right, Daniel.
-But Daniel's gay.

Good afternoon.
What do you mean, gay?
He went out with Paula.

No, he's gay.
You're misinformed.
Did you know that
new research says

we're all bisexual?
I could fall in love with you.
You fall in love with me?

I just could. It happens.
For who you are. We go way back.
Lots of friends fall in love.
-Just focus on Paula and Daniel.
-It's not him.

Daniel and his boyfriend
are a registered couple.

That means nothing, Pedro.
You know how promiscuous
homosexuals are.

-With men, not women!
-Aren't you listening to me?

That's secondary. Besides, I'm not
making this up. It's science.

Excuse us.
Play for service.

Believe me, Pedro.
I don't know who it is,
but I'll kill him.

What do you mean, out?
This guy's cheating at a
singles / couples tournament.

Damnit, Pedro.
-It was three feet long!

-Calm down.
-You think I'm stupid?

Go ahead, say it.
It was way long.
-Besides, it didn't count.
-That's right.