El Otro lado de la cama

Lots of friends fall in love.
-Just focus on Paula and Daniel.
-It's not him.

Daniel and his boyfriend
are a registered couple.

That means nothing, Pedro.
You know how promiscuous
homosexuals are.

-With men, not women!
-Aren't you listening to me?

That's secondary. Besides, I'm not
making this up. It's science.

Excuse us.
Play for service.

Believe me, Pedro.
I don't know who it is,
but I'll kill him.

What do you mean, out?
This guy's cheating at a
singles / couples tournament.

Damnit, Pedro.
-It was three feet long!

-Calm down.
-You think I'm stupid?

Go ahead, say it.
It was way long.
-Besides, it didn't count.
-That's right.

All right, all right.
You serve.

Forgive him,
he's going through rough times.

His girlfriend dumped him
for a homo.

How could she dump him
for a homo?

The guy used to be one.
He isn't any more.

Sure. Everything isn't
always black or white.

we're all bisexual anyway.

It was obvious, Pedro.
I saw it coming. You know why?

You were too nice to her.
Women hate that.

The worse you treat them,
the hornier they get.

You're too soft, Pedro.
You're lucky to be rid of her.

-That's right, Pedro.
-Girlfriends are the worst.

-Right, Carlos?
-Yeah, but...

No buts. Look at Carlos.
Happily single.
Now it's your turn.

You can do whatever you want
without answering to anybody.

And consider this:
girlfriends never last.