El Otro lado de la cama

practically starving to death,
but they're happy. Why?
Because they're always fucking.

You always see them dancing
and screwing around.

-It's the Latin character.
-Yeah, but Cuba...

You see, Pedro? That should be
your motto. Forget Paula.

To hell with her.
I know plenty of choice girls.

They don't need to be choice.
The other day this total babe
got in my taxi.

I came on to her, but nothing.
Was I upset?
Not at all. Her loss.

Then later I picked up
some ugly ass bitch.

Of course I tried again.
I'm mature enough
to see beyond a woman's physique.
1 5 minutes later I'm fucking
her doggie-style in a field,

yanking her by the hair
as she screams for more.

And you know what?
Even charged her full fare.
There's something special
about girls.

Girls are warriors!
From their perfume
to their pearls.

Girls are warriors!
College girls with their hair
in curls.

Girls are warriors!
In magazines or in person...
Girls are warriors!
Girls are warriors!
Girls are warriors!
Playing with them
is like handling...

More voltage than
a nuclear power plant...

And less radiation.
They're in charge from the start,
driving a stake
through your heart.

If the world's in a whirl,
some doll must have her hips
in a twirl.