El Otro lado de la cama

Do you think it's permanent?
All couples have problems,

Yeah, but don't push your luck.
-I'm seeing someone else anyway.
-Right, someone else.

End of story.
Let's just drop it.

It's too bad they broke up,
but that's life.

Pedro's over her
anyway. He's doing great.
And how are you two?
I mean as a couple.

Fine. Actually, great.
We're going to buy a place.
R eally?
Just an investment, really.
No, not just as an investment.
How about you and the new guy?
Not too well.
Actually, he still
hasn't even dumped
his girlfriend.

Well, give him time.
Maybe he hasn't told her yet,

but he's sending her signals.
I don't see him sending many

I'll just tell her myself.
No, don't do that.
That would be a big mistake.

Don't go there.
-What a surprise!

We were in the neighborhood...
-How are you, Paula?
-Fine. You?

Let me introduce you all.
Paula, Javier, Sonia, this is...

-my girlfriend, Jessica.

Jennifer, my girlfriend.
Why are you all here?

We ran into each other.
We're having coffee.

Oh, great.
We're just refueling a bit,
right Jennifer?

We've been fucking all day.
We'll join you.
I'm off to work.
That's too bad. Anyway, Paula...
Give me a call sometime.
Actually, no.