El Otro lado de la cama

Well, give him time.
Maybe he hasn't told her yet,

but he's sending her signals.
I don't see him sending many

I'll just tell her myself.
No, don't do that.
That would be a big mistake.

Don't go there.
-What a surprise!

We were in the neighborhood...
-How are you, Paula?
-Fine. You?

Let me introduce you all.
Paula, Javier, Sonia, this is...

-my girlfriend, Jessica.

Jennifer, my girlfriend.
Why are you all here?

We ran into each other.
We're having coffee.

Oh, great.
We're just refueling a bit,
right Jennifer?

We've been fucking all day.
We'll join you.
I'm off to work.
That's too bad. Anyway, Paula...
Give me a call sometime.
Actually, no.

I'll call you.
I'm always with Jennifer.
-Can I order something?
-Sure, honey.

A pitcher of sangría
and some donuts.

Right. I have my own, unique method
of investigation: T.I.S.

''Total Investigation System''.
It's 1 00º/º reliable.

-Does it work?
-Does it work?

Name any famous case.
The most famous case
ever resolved.

Who killed JFK, right?
-Well, I'm here because...
-You don't know, do you?

Oswald, right?