El Otro lado de la cama

You're right.
This can't go on.
Paula can see whoever she wants.

And you could fall in love again
at any time.

Come here.
-Come here.

You put your shirt on wrong.
I've put on weight anyway.
I'm too chubby.

Maybe I should leave it untucked.
Even if you tucked
your shirt in,

I'm sure she'd love you.
You'll see.

You like it, Pedro?
-Yeah, it's good.
-What a coincidence! I think so too.

Pasta is my favorite food.
Macaroni, spaghetti,
-cannelloni, ravioli, lasagna...

Pedro adores pasta.
R eally?
-Yeah, I like it.
-More than that.

It drives him crazy.
As a kid that's all he ate.
Fettuccini, tortellini,
and those little ties...


The best thing
about Italian food

is you can do so much with it:
with tomato, salads, with cheese...

With garlic.
Like in a Chinese soup.
With shrimp, mushrooms...
Pilar, tell us about yourself.
-How long have you worked there?
-Two months and 1 1 days.

You know what Pedro loves to do?
-To stroll.