El Otro lado de la cama

You like it, Pedro?
-Yeah, it's good.
-What a coincidence! I think so too.

Pasta is my favorite food.
Macaroni, spaghetti,
-cannelloni, ravioli, lasagna...

Pedro adores pasta.
R eally?
-Yeah, I like it.
-More than that.

It drives him crazy.
As a kid that's all he ate.
Fettuccini, tortellini,
and those little ties...


The best thing
about Italian food

is you can do so much with it:
with tomato, salads, with cheese...

With garlic.
Like in a Chinese soup.
With shrimp, mushrooms...
Pilar, tell us about yourself.
-How long have you worked there?
-Two months and 1 1 days.

You know what Pedro loves to do?
-To stroll.

So do I!
In the street, the park,
the weekend, in the rain...

-Yeah, it's okay.

Javier's the one
who loves to stroll.

I remember he used to walk
all the time.

In the morning, on the sidewalk,
-across bridges...
-Down the street...

You never told me.
I used to like it much more.
But Pedro absolutely loves it.
Pedro walks everywhere.

Normally he'd be walking around
as we speak.

Exactly like me. Exactly.
You two can go for a stroll later.
Yeah, and we'll talk some more.
Get to know each other.
It's so hard to find someone
who you have so much
in common with.

This is great, Pedro.
I'm so happy. I'm really counting
on the success of our relationship.

That's everything.
Now if you compare these monkeys

to the people around you,
you'll find many similarities.