El Otro lado de la cama

-Can I...?

-What is it?

It's a little messy.
You're such a freak!
Well, it's not so bad.
It looks bad.

I can clean this up in 5 minutes.
Listen, this is what we'll do.
You go and take a nice,
hot bubble bath...

And this'll be ready in 5 minutes.
What? It's freezing in here.
I'll light the chimney.
It's a great chimney. We'll be
warm in no time, you'll see.

Javier, are you going to tell her?
We need to get wood.
-Are you going to tell her?

Of course I'll tell her.
Try to understand,
Sonia's depressed

because she can't find
a job in the paper.

She spends all day
lying around pouting.

I told her we won't buy
an apartment. I told her.

Just relax,
let me send my signals.

I'm sick of you and your lies
and your signals. Why do you
make promises you can't keep?

I'm leaving.
Let's go. We can't stay here.
How about a hotel?

-Five star, I'll pay.
-It's too late to find a hotel.

There are tons of hotels
around here.

What's that?
Those are pictures of my brother.
What are they doing here?