El Otro lado de la cama

That won't last.
I'll bet he never shuts up.
No, because he's filthy rich.
Huge car, dinner at the Ritz
every night

in a suit and tie...
-I'll bet they go Dutch.
-No, he's a man of the world.

With experience and
a receding hairline.

R eceding fast, like his car!
You, on the other hand,
have beautiful curly hair.

But he's a better lay.
I doubt it.
He isn't half as sweet as you.
You want a glass of milk?
A glass of milk?
Yeah, it settles my stomach
at night.

But if you want something else...
Okay, a nice glass of milk.
-But heat it up.

-The milk.

I can bring it with donuts or
with cookies. I prefer donuts.

Well, because...
I really love
soaking them in the milk
and they get all soft
and melt in your mouth.
-Milk again.

I could bring chocolate milk.
Or coffee-flavored.