El Otro lado de la cama

You're fantastic.
And you say...
-How are you, Pedro?

But seeing you makes me feel...
Give me your hand.
What do you feel?
Two wonderful tits.
No, pretend I'm you.
When I saw you,
my heart just started pounding.
Well, my back's been hurting...
I can't say that!
Yes, you can. It'll work.
-You'll see.
-I could never say that.

I'd just end up whimpering
and begging her not to leave me.

This is a contest.
You have other things to offer.
Yeah? Like what, for example?
I bet he's more handsome.
I bet you're taller.
Yeah, but she has more fun
with him.

That won't last.
I'll bet he never shuts up.
No, because he's filthy rich.
Huge car, dinner at the Ritz
every night

in a suit and tie...
-I'll bet they go Dutch.
-No, he's a man of the world.

With experience and
a receding hairline.

R eceding fast, like his car!
You, on the other hand,
have beautiful curly hair.

But he's a better lay.
I doubt it.
He isn't half as sweet as you.
You want a glass of milk?
A glass of milk?
Yeah, it settles my stomach
at night.