El Otro lado de la cama

Or Paula, because whoever
she's with, she isn't happy.

Pretend I'm Paula.
And you come to see me.
What would you say?
-Say something.

Hi, Paula.
I've come to see you
because you don't seem happy.

Come on, not like that!
You're wrong, Pedro.
I'm in love,

and I hope you get over me, too.
-You see?

Tell her the truth.
Paula, I can't live without you,
I'm up all night, sleep all day,

this is a total disaster.
Please come back.

Sounds like a bolero.
Why do you act like
women are doing you a favor?

-Because I'm a fool.
-Come here.

Now I'm you and you're Paula.
Hi, Paula. You look gorgeous.
Thank you.
You're fantastic.
And you say...
-How are you, Pedro?

But seeing you makes me feel...
Give me your hand.
What do you feel?
Two wonderful tits.
No, pretend I'm you.
When I saw you,
my heart just started pounding.
Well, my back's been hurting...
I can't say that!
Yes, you can. It'll work.
-You'll see.
-I could never say that.

I'd just end up whimpering
and begging her not to leave me.

This is a contest.
You have other things to offer.
Yeah? Like what, for example?
I bet he's more handsome.
I bet you're taller.
Yeah, but she has more fun
with him.