El Otro lado de la cama

-Should I get it?
-No, I got it.

-Hi, Pedro. It's Pilar. I saw you

earlier but you disappeared.
Too bad, you'd have loved the play.

It was wonderful.
I was also calling to talk about
something you might like.

It's something I really enjoy.
That is, going to the movies.
Would you like to go
to the movies?

I don't see why
he's forcing women on you.

You can get any woman you want.
Excluding the theater group.
They were

pretty upset.
And excluding Paula.

And we'll just exclude
the entire female gender.

Except Pilar...
And me. Don't exclude me.
Or Paula, because whoever
she's with, she isn't happy.

Pretend I'm Paula.
And you come to see me.
What would you say?
-Say something.

Hi, Paula.
I've come to see you
because you don't seem happy.

Come on, not like that!
You're wrong, Pedro.
I'm in love,

and I hope you get over me, too.
-You see?

Tell her the truth.
Paula, I can't live without you,
I'm up all night, sleep all day,

this is a total disaster.
Please come back.

Sounds like a bolero.
Why do you act like
women are doing you a favor?

-Because I'm a fool.
-Come here.

Now I'm you and you're Paula.
Hi, Paula. You look gorgeous.
Thank you.