I wish I could've told Carmen I could
never really stop or slow down...

'cause I could never stop
or slow down.

I had to keep operating.
My life depended on it.

Dealing made me feel alive. I had
to show them. I had to show everybody.

Did you get al I that?.
I couldn't understand what
he was talking about by the end.

I think so. Why?.
Did you read the chapters last night?.

I tried.
It's just so damn boring.

I want to showyou something.
Lookwhat Vic got me.
Isn't it beautiful?.

- Is ityour birthday?.
- No.

Hejust got it for me
out ofthe blue.

Oh, my God.
Carmen, these diamonds,
they're huge.

I don't even wanna tell you
where he bought it.

I mean, this must have cost
at least $15,000-$20,000.

- No way.
- Yes!

What does your boyfriend do?.
He's in business.
What business is he in that he can buy
a $20,000 necklace for no reason?.

Don't answer that.
Listen, I gotta get going.
My boyfriend's having a party tonight.

- Why don'tyou and Vic come by?.
- Yeah-- You sure?.

Yeah. I mean, it's all his friends.
I'd love to have someone to talk to.

It's a cocktail party-- kinda dressy.
Your necklace will look fabulous.

Well, I'll be there.
Bring that boyfriend. I wanna see
who's taking such good care ofyou.

- You're not gonna have lunch?.
- No. And I can't find a match either.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Underthe Giuliani dictatorship...
there's more than your usual number
of neighborhood sweeps.

They target a few blocks, try to shut
things down, then move on to the next.

You just gotta frind
a way to survive.

Undercover units are always on the spot,
but they ain 't foolin 'nobody.