rather than go on hurting
the woman who loves him.

Have you lost your mind?!
Go to hell, Diego.
You know what the consequences
of this could be?

He's not scared.
Why should you be?

Oh, dear, God, Frida,
of all people, why?!

Because we wanted to.
You've broken my heart, Frida.
It hurts, doesn't it?
But why?
It was just a fuck,
like a handshake.

I told you who I was
when you married me.

Yes, you did,
and I married you anyway,

and you promised to be loyal.
You've been my comrade,
my fellow artist,
my best friend.
But you've never been
my husband.

"Dear Diego,
how are you, panzon?

Why didn't you tell me Paris
was such a nightmare?"

"The French are the most
pretentious bores in the world.

"I'd rather sit on the floor
of a market in Toluca

"selling tortillas
"than have to listen
to the prattling

of the artistic bitches
of Paris."