Gamunui yeonggwang

if that person kept bothering you.
-For reaI?
-Of course.

And as a man,
you shouId aIways keep on eye
out for yourseIf.

What's up?
I've had enough now.
What's wrong?
Young-min beat up a kid again.
KIM Dong-suk?
How do you know him?
WeII...if you Iook at Young-min's diary,
it says that Dong-suk's a bad kid.
It said he wanted to hurt Dong-suk.

Do we have to go to schooI?
I don't even have time for it.
Okay. Don't go. I'II go.
Besides, onIy man can
soIve a man's probIem.

You okay, honey?
Why don't you go get
your hair done again?

What a bad boy. Bad boy.
Let's ban schooI vioIence!
Let's stop schooI vioIence.
How are you doing?
SchooI vioIence shouId reaIIy
be stopped, don't you think?

Taking my kid for instance.
This naughty kid that sat in front of him
just took out a penciI and stabbed him.
The injury couId've been quite serious.
You can't be serious.
That's not aII.
Excuse me for a sec.
It's me.
What? Sang-paI?

What the...
KiII the motherfucker!
What are you Iooking at?
Ms. Won...