Gangs of New York

You may or not know Bill, that every
day I go down to the waterfront...

...with hot soup for the Irish
as they come on shore.

As part of building a political

I've noticed you there.
You may have noticed me?
Indeed I have!
Throwing torrents of favours and
withering abuse on every person who
step off those boats.

If only I had the guns Mr. Tweed...
...I'd shoot each and everyone of them,
before they set foot on American soil.

Mulbeery street and Worth. Cross.
Orange and Littlewater.

Each of the Five Points is a

...when I close my hand
it becomes a fist.

And any time that I wish, I
can turn it against you.

I understand. But we're talking
about different things.

I'm talking about civic duty.
Responsibilites we owe to the people.

Schools and hospitals. Sewers
and utilities.

Street construction, repairs and
sweeping. Business and saloon licences.....

St. Michael the Archangel...
Defend us in battle.
Be our protector against the snares
and the wickedness of the devil.

Streetcars, ferries,
rubbish disposal.