Gangs of New York

Each of the Five Points is a

...when I close my hand
it becomes a fist.

And any time that I wish, I
can turn it against you.

I understand. But we're talking
about different things.

I'm talking about civic duty.
Responsibilites we owe to the people.

Schools and hospitals. Sewers
and utilities.

Street construction, repairs and
sweeping. Business and saloon licences.....

St. Michael the Archangel...
Defend us in battle.
Be our protector against the snares
and the wickedness of the devil.

Streetcars, ferries,
rubbish disposal.

There's a power of money to
be made in this city, Bill.

With your help, the people must
be made to understand...

...that all these things are best
kept, in what I like to call the
Tammany family.

That is why I am talking about
an alliance between our organisations.

You're talking about muscle

That too. Muscle to match
our spirit.

You own the crushers, get
them to do it.

The police? Oh, no! Jezus,no!
The appearance of the law must
be upheld.

Especially while it's been

Give me the strength, for what I
must do.

Who are you?
I said, who are you?
What are you doing here?