Gangs of New York

...but I've never been called..?
Help yourself to some decent meat
on the way out.

Fiddeling bends.
Fiddeling bends. Right.
If I knew what in the hell
that meant..

...I might be inclined to
take offense.

A fiddeling bend is a fellow
who would steal anything...

...dead or alive.
Because he's too low to work up a
decent lay for himself.

Count that careful.
I'm telling you that's all there
is. That's all they gave us.

That's all they gave us.
If you had said chiseler, now
that's a word I understand.

Is that what you're calling us?
I can think of a number of things
to call you, boil!

Right. But I asked if you was
calling us chiselers?

Supposing I am?
Well, then we got business.
Damn it!
That we do!
Is that you, boy?
I didn't mean nothing by that shot
you know?

You scared me is all.
2 dollars on McGloin!
You know I'd never do you harm.
5 pieces on the kid!
5 on Amsterdam!
Come out now, lad.
Remember your father and me?
Come on, McGloin, it's
just a kid.

Are you to young to remember your Uncle Jack?
The times we had.
Watch his left, McGloin!
You know I won't hurt you.
This is bad for everybody.
What's next, dead politicians?