Gangs of New York

Come out now, lad.
Remember your father and me?
Come on, McGloin, it's
just a kid.

Are you to young to remember your Uncle Jack?
The times we had.
Watch his left, McGloin!
You know I won't hurt you.
This is bad for everybody.
What's next, dead politicians?
I could spare half a dozen
of you...

Alright, that'll do.
...easier than I can spare him.
What do you say now, huh?
That'll do, for Christ sake.
Still, I think it shows dash.
Drag him off.
That's enough, kid.
You got him.
Give the boy some time, we'll
settle with a good dust up.

McGloin? How would that head
look without the ears and nose on it?

You'd better leave that head
alone, Bill.

The lads!
I think I'm gonna trim the beak
and the ears off that head.

Make a nice pot of soup out of
that head.

You can find a tastier head
than that, Bill.

There are more of us coming off
the ships each day.

I ain't got no stomach
for an Irish stew.