There could be Serbian
paramilitary activity.

Intelligence says it's dormant.
There's nothing to fear.
We'll restore electricity and
make up for yesterday's mess.

That's what we'll do.
We should have left Vidal
at the base, sir.

For everyone's sake.
Vidal is just another member
of this platoon.

He receives no special treatment.
-You're right, sir.
-Don't patronize me.

I know you disagree,
so don't kiss my ass.

This is the list of those
who requested an advance.

You're all on it.
I don't know care how
you spend your money.

But I want this list
to remain intact.

-Yes, Lieutenant.

Understood by everyone?
Yes, Lieutenant!
Our job is to be ready at all times,
and that means now.

Excuse me, sir.
Are we headed for the border?
To restore electricity
to an entire valley.

Not to be indiscreet, sir.
But many of us haven't slept.
Have you had your diapers changed?
And you, Vidal?
Remember our little chat?
Yes, Lieutenant.
What about it?