Youngtaek Heo's state of
consciousness is uncertain,

but the fingerprints
and the high school girl's umbilical
cord's bloody mark is a perfect match
with the bus incident murder.

And from then on evidence for the
three murder cases have been prepared.

the fact that, he has kept up the same
murder patterns as Shin Hyun,

and the fact that he was imprisoned
in the same jail is something

that's left up to question.
And the murder motive is not clear.
Did you say that the roundabout
investigation results stated she
was a lesbian?

That's correct.
Even in an urgent situation,
he copied Shin Hyun's pattern
exactly... he re-enacted it.

Youngtaek Heo was imprisoned in
the same jail as Shin Hyun,

and if you think about the fact
that he continued the use
of Shin Hyun's patterns,

we cannot eliminate the possibility
of Shin Hyun hiring him.

Detective Kim, there was there
nothing in the results of those
account we investigated right?

And did you know that since they
strictly regulate condemned criminals,

the common errand boy couldn't
meet with Youngtaek Heo.

That bastard knew Youngtaek Heo.
That's what the bastard said
with his own mouth.

Did Shin Hyun know Youngtaek Heo?
So, is there anything that's changed?
The incident arouse by Shin Hyun
hiring someone, what does that mean?

It isn't too late now.
We have to get a subpoena now
and pursuit the bastard.

Shin Hyun got the death penalty at
the first trial and didn't appeal.

The bastard will die soon.
So what purpose is there to catch
a bastard like him.

To him the death penalty again?
If Shin Hyun knows Youngtaek Heo
then the story is different.

Shin Hyun committed 6 murders, and
there is still three left.