and if you think about the fact
that he continued the use
of Shin Hyun's patterns,

we cannot eliminate the possibility
of Shin Hyun hiring him.

Detective Kim, there was there
nothing in the results of those
account we investigated right?

And did you know that since they
strictly regulate condemned criminals,

the common errand boy couldn't
meet with Youngtaek Heo.

That bastard knew Youngtaek Heo.
That's what the bastard said
with his own mouth.

Did Shin Hyun know Youngtaek Heo?
So, is there anything that's changed?
The incident arouse by Shin Hyun
hiring someone, what does that mean?

It isn't too late now.
We have to get a subpoena now
and pursuit the bastard.

Shin Hyun got the death penalty at
the first trial and didn't appeal.

The bastard will die soon.
So what purpose is there to catch
a bastard like him.

To him the death penalty again?
If Shin Hyun knows Youngtaek Heo
then the story is different.

Shin Hyun committed 6 murders, and
there is still three left.

A second, third, Youngtaek Heo
can come out.

In this case, the evidence and
witness are secure.

There is nothing you can do about it
unless you turn upside down
the general situation.

Sergeant Lee, we will conclude that
this case was copycat crime of
an mentally unstable person,

and let's hand it over to
the prosecution.

What's next?
Yes... I'm Bae Kilsoo.
He agreed to stand as a witness
against the gang's boss Yongman but
the bastard disappeared.

I'll quit.
Are you out of your mind?
I'd rather quit than be able to do
nothing every time something happens.

You, come out here! Wait...
Let go! Let go! Of this...
You... Bastard! Why have you been
this way since yesterday?
Come out! Here...

You know why as well!
Park, does a detective grab
a criminal by the head?

No... no... Shit... If you're that
smart why be a detective