A second, third, Youngtaek Heo
can come out.

In this case, the evidence and
witness are secure.

There is nothing you can do about it
unless you turn upside down
the general situation.

Sergeant Lee, we will conclude that
this case was copycat crime of
an mentally unstable person,

and let's hand it over to
the prosecution.

What's next?
Yes... I'm Bae Kilsoo.
He agreed to stand as a witness
against the gang's boss Yongman but
the bastard disappeared.

I'll quit.
Are you out of your mind?
I'd rather quit than be able to do
nothing every time something happens.

You, come out here! Wait...
Let go! Let go! Of this...
You... Bastard! Why have you been
this way since yesterday?
Come out! Here...

You know why as well!
Park, does a detective grab
a criminal by the head?

No... no... Shit... If you're that
smart why be a detective

when you can be a judge and
a public prosecutor?

Then why are stupid people
so complicated?

Kang! Have a drink straight down
and forget everything, let's forget!

Fucking smart serial killers...
What the fuck!
Fucking dumb detective!!

If you don't have the brains,
then you've got to have
the guts to catch them.

Someone's come... someone's come...
Aww, shit, a woman who's fucking
smart has come.

Hey, our Detective Kim
also has come,

so we'll have another rally
to strengthen the unity.

Okay... hostess!
Give us another bottle of
Cham-i-sul soju!

It's not a rally to strengthen
the unity but a farewell party.

Hey. Stop it. Bastard.
I'll rip your fucking mouth...