His Secret Life

Can I be your guide ?
So you'll never know the secrets
of those sculptures.

I don't want to know them,
please leave me alone.

- Go away, I've got a husband.
- Perfectly! I've got a wife.

I'm waiting for him.
We're going on a party, concerning
his work. We were supposed to meet here.

How can a husband leave such a wonderful
woman alone ?

I've been wondering about it as well.
In addition he does it quite often.

- That's unwise.
- First of all careless.

I've been waiting for an hour.
He'll probably be coming here in a minute.

So I kiss you right now, or
I'll lose it forever ?

Stop it.
I've just picked you up,
let me kiss you.

- Where did you park ?
- And you ?

I came by taxi.
- My watch stopped working.
- Nora, you were supposed to be back at 11pm.

- Others stayed for longer.
- I don't care about the others.

- I didn't make it for a reason.
- Indeed.

That's a second time.
A rule is a rule.
We had set it up together.

You go out, when you want,
if you're not needed..

..but you come back at a fixed time.