His Secret Life

- That's unwise.
- First of all careless.

I've been waiting for an hour.
He'll probably be coming here in a minute.

So I kiss you right now, or
I'll lose it forever ?

Stop it.
I've just picked you up,
let me kiss you.

- Where did you park ?
- And you ?

I came by taxi.
- My watch stopped working.
- Nora, you were supposed to be back at 11pm.

- Others stayed for longer.
- I don't care about the others.

- I didn't make it for a reason.
- Indeed.

That's a second time.
A rule is a rule.
We had set it up together.

You go out, when you want,
if you're not needed..

..but you come back at a fixed time.
Next time I'll come back earlier.
I don't know, if that will happen.
Your aunt doesn't know you had left.
I've given her one more chance.
The last one.

You love to make someone's life more
difficult than it is already.

Leave her alone!
You don't have to fight with her aunt.
She's entrusted us with her.
We're responsible for her.

Nora is mature, she doesn't have
to reckon with her so much.

It is not you, who has to argue
with her family.

- What time do you leave tomorrow ?
- Right after the work.

You're going straight from the office ?
It'll be faster.
You won't be on the supper..
Is that all you have to say to a cute,
and naked man ?