His Secret Life

Want some orange juice ?
- Maybe I didn't come on the right time?
- You're always not on the right time here.

- I'm Mara, nice to meet you.
- Antonia, nice to meet you too.

- Have a drink.
- No, thanks.

Trust me.
I'm sorry,
I'm always not on the right time.

I'd only like to talk with Miss

That's a mistake.
That's my home, and there's no
Mariani here.

That mistress was saying,
,that Miss Mariani had been living
here, and that I should come on Sunday.

I've made a mistake, as usual.
She was living here some time ago.
Didn't she, Michele ?

Yes, but she won't be coming back here
any more.

Not for some time, at least.
She never says, where she goes -
it's hard to bump on her.

- I just wanted to give her back this picture.
- I'll give it to her.

I'd like to deliver it personally.
It will be hard.
She's never home.
She travels a lot.

- Today here, tomorrow there.
- She emerges, and disappears.

She lives like a gypsy.
It's nearly impossible to meet with her.
Now, excuse us, we're awaiting guests.
I'm sorry.
We can't help you.

- Is it your sister ?
- Yes, semisister.