His Secret Life

She never says, where she goes -
it's hard to bump on her.

- I just wanted to give her back this picture.
- I'll give it to her.

I'd like to deliver it personally.
It will be hard.
She's never home.
She travels a lot.

- Today here, tomorrow there.
- She emerges, and disappears.

She lives like a gypsy.
It's nearly impossible to meet with her.
Now, excuse us, we're awaiting guests.
I'm sorry.
We can't help you.

- Is it your sister ?
- Yes, semisister.

Good bye.
You're such a bitch!
Did fat leak into your brain ?
She's already gone.
Take your fat ass out of here.
They took outside everything,
and the table's still not laid.

We're not laying it ?
Don't change the topic.
If you stay, I'll stab you.
If she's back, you'll
get stabbed first.

She won't be back.
She has already guessed it.

She's already in the hospital
and she's on a shock treatment!

Jesus Christ!
You've got keys to my flat. Please
give them to me.