His Secret Life

Always in the shadow,
you always grab the crumbs.

Stop quoting soap operas.
It's real life.
General Sperelli...
Remember that tall handsome guy..
...from the house on the square's corner?
Your father left me, but not his
wife and kids.

It lasted nine years.
I didn't even get the hang of that.
You were never interested about life.
You married a friend from the secondary
school. That's pretty banal.

- You never liked Massimo.
- It's not about him.

I was worried, when you had left
on the first stop.

That you had left everything for him..
Even medical studies,

To satisfy him,
you even didn't have a baby.

I didn't like it, that
you were happy with what you have had..

Will you meet with her ?
- I've already done that.
- And what ?

I smacked her.
- Has she got a husband? Does she live with somebody ?
- I don't think so.

You're both alone,
you could become good friends.

you're incredibly helpful!

I've lost my husband two times,
and all you can say to me is...

...that I have wasted my life.
If I start having suicidal thoughts,
I'll call.

If Curelli doesn't come up,
call him, please.

He always delays with the delivery.
Pineapples are wet.