His Secret Life

I didn't like it, that
you were happy with what you have had..

Will you meet with her ?
- I've already done that.
- And what ?

I smacked her.
- Has she got a husband? Does she live with somebody ?
- I don't think so.

You're both alone,
you could become good friends.

you're incredibly helpful!

I've lost my husband two times,
and all you can say to me is...

...that I have wasted my life.
If I start having suicidal thoughts,
I'll call.

If Curelli doesn't come up,
call him, please.

He always delays with the delivery.
Pineapples are wet.
What do you want ?
I want to talk.
About what ?
I'd like to know everything.
He's no more,
for none of us.

It's not that simple.
I want to know how you had met,
when you set out to be together.
When did you meet,
how did you cheat me.

Marilena, I'll be back in a moment.
I have to know,
what really connected both of you.

I've got to understand.
What's here to understand?
We loved ourselves.

That's not true, I don't believe.
I bore your existance, when he was alive.
You had him during all holidays.
Now, when he's gone,
I still have to bear you. No way!