His Secret Life

Tighten and loosen your hand.
Don't move.
How long have you been having drips ?
You don't feel anything, do you ?
You're Massimo's wife, aren't you ?
I'm sorry for what has happened.
Now she's a slut!
Where should I send him ? To metro stop
near Pyramid ?

No, let's send him to Eur.
Bet that he will eat lunch with us ?
I don't care.
Then why did you make me make that
tearful phone ?

- For Ernesto!
- Right!

Why are you bumming into that with
your fat ass ?

Because, not like the others,
I use it only for sitting!
How was it?
Redemption Army releases a lunch.

Will you eat with us ?
Thank you, but I can't.
You have to take that drip out after
an hour anyways.

- Chop the onion.
- You know Luiselle already.

She'd been cheated by an uncountable
amount of men.

At least somebody wants to cheat me.
You choose only those hopelesses.
Chop it finely.